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Publications & Reviews

Artist Lisa Kirk Takes On Marina Abramovic at Invisible-Exports

Rozalia Jovanovic, Artist Lisa Kirk Takes On Marina Abramovic at Invisible-Exports, ArtInfo, December, 2014

NYC Exhibitions by Lisa Kirk, Allan Frame and T.M. Davy, December 17, 2013

Lisa Kirk Reimagines Marina Abramovic as the Grim Reaper, Scott Indrisek, December 11, 2013 

Zing Magazine, December, 2011

New York Observer, “Lisa Kirk Debuts ‘If You See Something…’ at Invisible Exports”, Michael H. Miller, September 10, 2011. 

The L Magazine, Lisa Kirk: If you See Something, September 10, 2011

New York Observer, “Welcome to Art Market Boom, The economy continues to tank, but money flows in art land”, Andrew Russeth, September 6 2011

Time Out New York, Lisa Kirk: If You See Something…., September 5, 2011

New York Magazine Guide, Fall Preview ’11, “And We’re Also Anticipating..” September 3, 2011

The L Magazine, Lisa Kirk: If you See Something, September 10, 2011

ARTnews, “scents and sensibility”, Barbara Pollack, March, 2011

Life & Style Magazine (Deutche edition), style section December 15, 2010

Harald Baumer, Unser mann in Berlin, Beobachtungen au der Hauptstadt, “Ich habe den Duft der Revolution gerochen”, December 7, 2010,, Life and Style, “Die Duftkreation ‘Revolution’ ist eine echte Stinkbombe”, Decmber 2, 2010

Von Thorsten Schmitz, “Der Gestank der Revolution”, Süddeutsche Zeitung, PANORAMA, December 1, 2010

Jonas Res, “Das 30000-Euro-Tränengas-Par füm”, Ber liner Zeitung, November 23, 2010

Yorca Schmidt-Junker, “Viva La Revolution!” Qvest, No.42, Fall, 2010

Ali Fitzgerald, “Lives and Works in Berlin: Head Shop/Lost Horizon at Exile,” Art21, September 2, 2010

Ulrich Lang, “Smell’s Like... Revolution,” Inside Beauty, March 2010

Larry Celona and Bill Sanderson, “Art ‘attack in window is just a scare package,” New York Post, May 6, 2010

Michael Slenski, “Art that Enters through the Nose,” ARTINFO, Apr. 7, 2010

Amber Vilas, “2009 in Review: Gallery Exhibitions”,, Dec. 29, 2009

Paddy Johnson, “Art: Best of 2009,” The L Magazine, Dec. 23, 2009

Michael Bilsborough, Signed and Sealed, SCA Continuing Education Blog, Nov, 9, 2009

Robert Ayers, The Best of Performa, November 3, 2009

Karen Rosenberg, “Pink Panther,” review, New York Times, Oct. 15, 2009

Tairone Bastion, Interview for, October 23, 2009

Leigh Anne Miller, “Lisa Kirk,” review, Art in America, July 2009

Sarah Armaghan and Carrie Melago, “Shack up in rent-a-shanty: Artist’s project is one novel hovel.” Daily News, July 14, 2009

Jeanne Gerrity, “Lisa Kirk,” review, Art Papers, May/June 2009

Aimee Walleston, “House Proud: Lisa Kirk Reinterprets the Timeshare,” Art in, June 1, 2009

Michael Wilson, “Home of the Brave,” Scene & Herd,, May 30, 2009

“Literally Slumming It,” Intelligencer, New York Magazine, June 1, p. 12

Emily Hulme, “B’klyn’s shanty shares, AM New York, May 1, 2009 

Chris Bors, “Lisa Kirk, House of Cards,” ArtReview,å May, 2009

Chris Kraus, “Lisa Kirk’s House of Cards,” review, ARTFORUM, May 2009

Morgan Falconer, “Lisa Kirk,”, March 18, 2009

Eli Dvorkin, “Lisa Kirk, House of Cards,” Flavorpill, March 20, 2009

Amber Vilas, “Jim Lee in New York,”, March 13, 2009

John Haber,”Gallery as Gated Community,, March 11, 2009

Jessica Loudis, “Bienvenue à la maison des cartes. Can I interest you in a found object?,”, March 2, 2009

James Wagner, “Lisa Kirk, House of Cards,” February 24, 2009

The Art Newspaper, Adrian Dannatt, April, 2008 L’uomo Vogue, Caroline Corbetta, February, 2008

SF Weekly, Hiya Swanhuyser, Volume 26, Number 25, July, 2007

SF Guardian, Hudson, July, 2007

Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Root Causes, Plan B magazine, November, 2006

Skye Sherwin, ART Review, December, 2006 Design Weekly, LONDON, 2006 Sally O’Reilly , Time Out, London, Aug 21, 2006

Bengala, USELESS MAGAZINE, issue #4, 2006 Michael Wang,, Feb 16, 2006

Kara Oehler, Venus Magazine, 2005 Renee Comer-Greene, Time Out, August 12, 2005

Ken Johnson, New York Times, September 10th and 17th, 2005 New Yorker, August 29, 2005

New York Magazine, August 2005

Flash Art Italy, August 2005

Jennifer Raingold, Art Review,August, 2005

Kristen Poor, Flavourpill, Issue #206, 5.24.04

Carol Lee, “New York Art Girls (Un)dressed” , Paper Magazine, May 2004.

Domenick Ammirati, "The Outlaw Series" ARTUS, March- April, 2004

Andrew Maerkle, Flavorpill, issue #183,12.09.03

Karen Rosenberg, "Happenings, Rebels With A Cause," December 22-29, 2003

Dominic Ameretti,, Critics Picks , Oct 2003

Kim Levin, Village Voice, Voice Choices Oct 8- 15 2003

Christopher Chambers, NYArts, The Burnt Orange Heresy, September 2003

Joyce Kortkin, M (The New York Art World), The Burnt Orange Heresy, pp 13. Summer 2003

Maurizio Catalan, Bettina Funcke, Masimilano Gioni, Ali Subotnick, Charley 01, selected by Sarah Gavlak, 2001

Sarah Gavlak, Pride .01 magazine, summer 2001. Steven Hull, I’m Still in Love With You, catalogue, 1998.

Chris Kraus, Chance catalogue, excerpt from, “Memoirs of an Awakening: is it real or is it Memorex,” 1996.

The Museum of Modern Art, Just Add Color, a coloring book with drawings by contemporary artists, published by Homeward Bound project, 1996.

Daniel J. Martinez, Grand Larceny: Reclaiming Stolen Histories, University of California, Irvine, CA, 1995.

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